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Security Thermal Break Iron Door

Security Thermal Break Iron Door

You can also design your own door as the material you want、the color you want、the scroll design you want and put the glass type that you like.

Security Thermal Break Iron Door


  • Door Width:84"

  • System Height:112"

  • Arch Springline:Eyebrow

  • Glass Type:Aquatex

  • Color:Matt Black

  • Scroll Design:5/8"*5/8" Square Iron

  • Door Swing:Swing-in;Right hand

  • Viewed From:Outside


  • 4mm thermal break in all parts of doors, including kick panels and windows. 10mm thermal break in Jamb and threshold. 

  • offers a partial thermal break, which is industry exclusive technology . The process utilizes an integrated door shoe with low conductivity, to reduce the transfer of heat and cold, which is important to help to prevent freezing.

     Thermal break doors.png

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