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Attending Professional Lecture In Xiamen
Jun 27, 2018

Attending Professional Lecture in Xiamen

Last week,we went to Xiamen to attend a leture which is hosted by Elevan Xu.

Elevan Xu,is a teacher in Alibaba Trading Commercial College.He is also a manager of a E-commerce Co.,Ltd.Since he had 10 years' experience of purchasing for Foreign company and many good examples about international business,his lecture is really popular.


What he shared to us is how to transfer our trading mode from the old style to new style.As times changes,we need to become more flexible and more competitive when we searching customers or doing business. We have to set a clear objective and to build a wolf-spirit team so that we can acheive our goal.


There're so many people who come from different trading company attended the lecture.We hope that we can be much more professional and more competitive in this area.Wish we have more chance to attend lectures like this.It was really helpful no matter to run a company,to manage a team or to get more customers. We will keep becoming stronger and keep waiting for your cooperation.



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