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Iron Bi-folding Entry Door

Iron Bi-folding Entry Door

You can choose the color、glass、design and size you want,we will provide a CAD drawing for you first until you get the door you are satisfied with.

Iron Bi-folding Entry Door

Iron material provides a number of benefits and advantages that standard uPVC cannot. Iron is an incredibly robust material which is what makes these bi-fold doors extremely secure and structurally sound. Iron is also highly versatile and flexible meaning our bi-fold doors can come with a variety of threshold options, slim line profiles and provide seamless integration to your existing property.


Our Iron bi-fold doors include the following features:


1.Multi Point Locking systems

2.Anti-Bump Locking cylinder

3.Lockable Intermediate Pendulum Handles

4.Heavy Duty Shoot Bolt Locks

5.Bogie Wheel Guide Assemblies

6.High Security Glazing


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